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Resolve Dash

Resolve Zaya

DOB: 07.03.18



DNA Clear/Normal Through Parentage


Zaya is a young herding dog that is expected to start competing in herding in Spring 2020.  She is a very sweet loveable dog who can work for days.  She has never met a dog or person she does not like.  She is a forward dog on stock who is confident and willing to listen to handler.  


Resolve River

DOB: 05.17.18



DNA: Clear/Normal

Resolve Legend

DOB: 06.17.16


OFA: Hips/Elbows Good/Clear

DNA: Clear/Normal

Legend is Danielle's primary frisbee dog in her performance company Team Zoom.  Legend has been performing around the country since she was 12 weeks old.  She has performed for commercials, print ads, fairs, festival, half time shows, and stage shows.  Legend loves to learn new tricks and learns very quickly.  Legend has very high drive for toys, but still has a nice off switch.  She does not self entertain and looks to her handler for direction. 

Standing at stud to approved bitches.

DOB: 06.17.16


OFA Hips/Elbows Good/Normal 

DNA including EOD Clear/normal


Dash is a bread and butter dog with a great eagerness to please. He has the drive to get the job done out in the field but has a sweet disposition and off switch in the home. Dash is one of Greg's go to dogs for goose control and his primary trial dog.  Dash has had two top 10 placements in The blueGrass PN in 2019 and 8th place pn at the woodstock wool and fiber festival.  Dash is expected to start competing in open Spring 2020.