River X Resolve Dash 02/21

This litter was be whleped November 2019. 

This cross was chosen for performance and biddability.   Both Sklyer and Legend are very accomplished frisbee dogs.  

Ewenique Mission x Seth/Sid 1 06/16

Past Litters

Resolve Legend X TMF Skyler 11/19

This litter landed in July of 2018. The athlethicism and personality of the first litter encouraged us to do a repeat breeding.  The second litter is just as successful as the first perfomring in; frisbee, dock diving, herding, agility, and barn hunt.  


This litter also has her mother's personality, but has more of the sire's appreance.

Zaya was kept for future herding litters. 

This litter hit the ground in June of 2016.  Dam is a goose dog and show performer.  Sire is a top producing herding dog in the world.  All of the puppies from this litter are successful in various dog sports including; herding, frisbee, dock diving, and agility.  This litter really took after Mission in personality and appreance.  Every puppy is very friendly and biddable.  


Legend and Dash were kept for future litters.  

Ewenique Mission X Seth/Sid 2 07/18